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The latest news from the world of The Realm
latest update is to The Realm, version 3.206

August 24, 2004
An Update
The changes that were made to the program are in response to the crashes that occurred over the weekend. The new updates should address the underlying issue and will stop any of these problems from causing trouble or downtime in the future.
Those players that are encountering issues should look to their /gms screen where there is now a section titled Community Relations. This area will deal with all suggestions and complaints and a user can leave a message at any time. The role of the sentinels and mentors is still in place and these people should still be contacted for issues that fall under their responsibility.

July 23, 2004
An Update from The Realm reporter
Did anyone see the eclipse that happened earlier today. It was normal at first, with everything going dark, but when the light came back to normal, there was something amiss. Maybe it is just a personal feeling, but there is definitely an evil presence after the eclipse came back. However, everything seems to be on an even keel at the present moment.

July 14, 2004
Update for Friends and Enemies
The tab for Friends has been renamed so that users can now access their enemies as well as their friends. In addition, there is the possibility to put a permanent ignore ban on a player. To address the use of these new functions, the URL policy for the Norseman has been rewritten and has extra clarity in regarding these issues. To access the new statement, a player will need their username and password and it can be found in both the In Development area as well as the Announcements board.

June 18, 2004
Finally, the Magic Mail is working properly with no bugs at all. A user can try it to see the improvements. The scroll bars have regained their functionality for players that use the normal window skin of the program. A new feature is the Who List that will tell a player have many other users are currently in action on a given server. Because the invasion that came from the direction of The Mists has been repelled, all of the areas have reverted to their condition prior to the invasion. Players looking for new areas will be happy to note that the maps of The Downs and in the Wexfordshire Valley have been extended to make the overall map complete. Minotaurs are living in the areas that were part of the invasion from The Mists. In addition, shops have been set up in the Wilderness are are now ready to do business with customers traveling in the area. On a lesser note, the bugs that limited the wearing of helms has now been fixed.

January 31, 2004
A New Announcement
The annual gathering for all fans of The Oracle and The Realm will happen in the great state of Michigan this year, with Grand Rapids as the destination city. The Realm official website has all of the details about the festival, which will take place from August 13 to August 15.

January 16, 2004
A New Announcement
The Realm is happy to announce that there is now an online store where players can pick up memorabilia from the game. Called, Ye Olde Realm Shoppe, the grand opening is now and many promotions are in effect.

September 17, 2003
News from The Realm
There is a new one stop information resource for all players that would like to take an active part in the development of The Realm storyline. The One Academy has been started and has all of the relevant history about characters, events, and the many locations of the game. A player can visit The One Academy to learn about these details or to pass on relevant knowledge to others.